The breadth of us…

ever expanding


at each years passing

moments in memory grow richer-

while subtleties of you

dance with hindsight 

on the loamy shores

of Loves surrender.



L.I.J.I., my Love.



My Love,
you’ve journeyed
eons through my depths;
still you hold me…

caressing the hollows
dancing in fields
of reverie
traversing scenic canyons

You are kinship to the dawn,
my Love;
planting Light in sky gardens
dear and holy in your glow…



There is a pull
from the dark cauldron
of my belly…

I feel it;
the stirring
impassioned simmer
of wild, raw
and bubbling intimacy…

A fierce rhythmic waltz
that marries the flavours
of her dark and light;
wielding the aftertaste
of Divinity…

Temet Nosce

She is nowhere
and everywhere
all at once…

Her touch
and sentient

Her scarred heart
and generous

An oracle
of mystery
she is

The Light and the dark
of her
bleeds Love

She is nothing
and everything
all at once…


Travelling the abyss;
dim waters
of illusory fear…

Surrendering to the pull… 
hook, line 
and sinker… 

Allowing for revelation;
waxing exposure 
naked and flailing…

With only 
her shadow 
to warm her…