Holy you…
a touch
without hands
ecstasy breaches

Breath suspends…
a portal
dimensions fuse

Elucidation dances…
on the brow
of dear mystical souls.



 Beyond thy folly of mind… thy truth of heart beating…

What of logic if remiss to explore
the illogical?

And of rational; for who hath
given such ration?

And of sight if blind
to the invisible?

Thus of love if defined
unto the physical?

For you are more
than stars…

You are everything
and no thing…

And if you look

You will feel
the sky breathe…

As you




There in the wind
where quiet embraces;
song echos forth
revealing kind graces

There in the pond
as ripples remember;
spaces in time
the ache of surrender

Here in the sky
nestled deep in the heavens;
stars shine in fondness
as souls summon lessons

A kinship so cherished
a bond etched in stone;
the light of their Spirit
bares each with a home

A haven that gentles
in arms from afar;
where feelings relinquish
from leyden glass jars

Through each is imparted
Divinely foretold;

of dear sacred friendships
entwined to unfold

Illusion while plenty
though faith commandeers,
to honor a blessing
fermenting for years

With each dawn that riseth
the angels remind;
“thy opus of living
is Love undefined.”



The absolution of Life; the Bless of will.

“Harbor no illusions; God is not deceived:
for whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap.”
Galatians 6:7

The masterful will, shall never be mastered.
For mastery seeds in humility.

Join of thy hands in heart-knowing

Strength is the loom of purity.
Where threads of forgiveness
weave the staircase
to antiquity.

Bless of soul; grace of heart; light of Spir

Child Of Loam


Child Of Loam

Birthed unto this world;
a canopy child
endowed with form,
mines the
of formlessness

Cherished holy loam;
a richness you impart
the tendering of hearts,
floods the soils
of sanctitude.


Dedicated to my first born child. You are perfect in your beauty and a treasure to all whom you encounter. I thank you, for allowing me into your heart, for the invitation to journey beside you. I love you, completely. xo Mom