The Missing…

My soul grieves
the loss of your caress;
the warmth
of you dancing
across my skin…

My heart mourns
your absence;
an indelible ache
cradles the memory
of your sentient touch…

My Spirit wanes
in purgatory;
thirsting for presence
famished for the language
conveyed through your hands…

Pro bono

Pro bono


What is it that you crave,
my darling…


is it the warmth of the dying Light
that dims the sky to yesterday?…


like the wonder of a shooting star
you will always be majestic…


you are ever the hymn of my heart;
an opus only Love can hear…


My Love,
you’ve journeyed
eons through my depths;
still you hold me…

caressing the hollows
dancing in fields
of reverie
traversing scenic canyons

You are kinship to the dawn,
my Love;
planting Light in sky gardens
dear and holy in your glow…



There is a pull
from the dark cauldron
of my belly…

I feel it;
the stirring
impassioned simmer
of wild, raw
and bubbling intimacy…

A fierce rhythmic waltz
that marries the flavours
of her dark and light;
wielding the aftertaste
of Divinity…