Holy you…
a touch
without hands
ecstasy breaches

Breath suspends…
a portal
dimensions fuse

Elucidation dances…
on the brow
of dear mystical souls.






Remember beloved soul…
in the moments of weighted heart,
you are swathed in the down
of Angels wings

And when you rise…
you will glide as an eagle,
cresting the sunrise
of a harvest moon

And when you look up…
you will see your raidiance,
dance across the majesty
of an opalescent sky

And when the wind billows…
as the trees begin to dance,
you will hear the sacred aria
of Loves lullaby.

Listen my child;
for therein resides
a melody of peace.


 Beyond thy folly of mind… thy truth of heart beating…

What of logic if remiss to explore
the illogical?

And of rational; for who hath
given such ration?

And of sight if blind
to the invisible?

Thus of love if defined
unto the physical?

For you are more
than stars…

You are everything
and no thing…

And if you look

You will feel
the sky breathe…

As you

And in All Ways…

Shall I open the skyfor you to see your magnificence?
Will the brilliance that blinds you reveal you as light…


Climb the clouds with me beloved…
you are tendered with such care;
for what of form dissolving
as Spirit melds with air

Bless the trees my heaven…
thy stewards reach with grace;
dear guardians of solace
sweet sentinels of faith

Kiss the waters of revival…
for therein do I lay;
with bodies breadth embracing
thy sacred treasures gave

Thy heart will come to know…
through gentleness of strength;
for Loves enduring measure
eternal in it’s wake.