Theirs was a secret
as infinite
as timelessness…

cradled softly 
in the palm 
of their hands;

a whisper of evermore
a song of Always
a grain of eternity… 

beating through the Universe 
that shines 
through their eyes… 






Remember beloved soul…
in the moments of weighted heart,
you are swathed in the down
of Angels wings

And when you rise…
you will glide as an eagle,
cresting the sunrise
of a harvest moon

And when you look up…
you will see your raidiance,
dance across the majesty
of an opalescent sky

And when the wind billows…
as the trees begin to dance,
you will hear the sacred aria
of Loves lullaby.

Listen my child;
for therein resides
a melody of peace.

Milky Way…


I know you…
the Light in your eyes
the curve of your smile
a fondness imprinted
in heart from afar

I know you…
your unbridled essence
a silence that speaks
unlacing remembrance
that once lay asleep

I know you…
your ancient soul whispers
the ash from your pen
unfeigned affection
steadfast without end…




may the
violet flame
 of our heart
ever shine
just as the
stars that

As the heavens above
kiss the earth below
may you quench
your souls
in sanctity