Remember beloved soul…
in the moments of weighted heart,
you are swathed in the down
of Angels wings

And when you rise…
you will glide as an eagle,
cresting the sunrise
of a harvest moon

And when you look up…
you will see your raidiance,
dance across the majesty
of an opalescent sky

And when the wind billows…
as the trees begin to dance,
you will hear the sacred aria
of Loves lullaby.

Listen my child;
for therein resides
a melody of peace.

O Holy Night



Of Angels…

And I will reach through the heavens to touch you… With a Love so confounding, that your heart will erupt with ecstasy and the tears that fall from your eyes will shine with such radiance, that even the sun will bow in majesty. The moon will dance and the stars will fall from the sky in offering for your momentary gaze. You are the crisp of a Winters morn’, the Bless of Springs birth, the grace of a warm Summer breeze and the sacred fire that paints the masterpiece of Fall. You are Love imbibed. Hallowed in a costume of flesh with the workings of Divinity pulsing through your dear heart… With such devotion, that even the birds await your ascension. A moment to fly with an Angel…