Bona fide…

Can you be with her darkness; the dragons… the poisonous venom perusing through her being… The neatly braided thorns encasing her heart like barbed wire; ready to pierce any brazen soul who dare to peer inside… Can you manage that depth of intimacy?… Can you withstand her dark and Love her unconditionally? Will you hold her when the sting becomes unbearable and the wound needs cleansing? When the demons dance and she vomits ash?… Will you stand with her in the cesspools of hell as she battles the devils attempt to numb her heart and dine on her Spirit?…Will you continue to hold her hand as she drowns in her own unfathomable depths choking on the darkest night as she falls?… Will you continue to be by her side when she becomes unrecognizable?… When she rises?… When the warrior that lives within her begins to breathe?…



Her touch felt distal, 

a million miles away…

As though she were elsewhere;

a different landscape, time, day… 

I felt it; a quiet Joy emanating

a tickling of her soul… 

An akin Joy that Blesses my days

a privilege to behold…

Though, this moments Joy 

was not offered for my tasting… 

I felt it so deeply

her heart ‘masquerading’…

As the drawbridge between us 

slowly raised by her hand… 

Left me floating and reeling 

to forage new land…

Bereft and confused 

as to why her heart sheltered… 

the Joy her soul ached for 

a dance to remember… 

In Kind…


All the while they journey
polishing scars into gold,
with the Light of the hands
that hold them

And of this sojourn
within this florid vessel,
garnish thy soul
in the soils of Being

With reverence of cause
through Love Divine,
may stillness be thy dance
and Love thy soulful opus

With peace and in kind
of Spirit and with grace,
know thyself and honor thus
the fruit of All seasons

For the cradle of Truth
rests on the bough of balance;
where Love is
was and ever shall Be.

Before honor is humility.
~ Proverbs 15:33

Dear Cherished Szoul…

“Here is my secret. It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

You were everything and no thing. A reflection of the Being she never saw… when gazing in a mirror, that reflected the formlessness of Love.You were there, holding the torch as she breeched the thresholds of her mired depths. With every doorway she passed through, you stood and quietly held the Light… knowing that in time she would come to realize and ‘see’ the truth of the brilliant mosaic laid before her.You braved the serpents and the dragons then watched, as she purged the wounds that threatened to poison and steal her soul; the breadth of her Spirit. You prayed and she felt your Blessings move through her; nourishing her with transcending devotion. A Love so full of Light she had to shield her eyes from such beauty. She felt you watching over her, as she dipped her toes in the murky pools that would become her salvation. And … all the while you endured, as her jaded heart was cleansed by the kiln of fury that would free her from the cancers of illusion that beheld her. She remembers waking in your arms… she saw you, briefly… before your presence became one with the air, like an opalescent mirage on the horizon of a thirsty desert. You said she would recognize you… and she did, as you floated through her timeline like an Angel held captive in another dimension. You were beautiful. The face of an invisible poem penned in the sacred ink that bled from her heart. You were Always real… Thank you, for Loving me when I failed to Love myself. Thank you, for the grace of your heart that you gave so unconditionally. I Love you for All that you are, everything you are not and for the infinitude you have become. Your Love is ever present. May it be, that mine will ever bridge the distance from our moment felt in time… Always…


 Beyond thy folly of mind… thy truth of heart beating…

What of logic if remiss to explore
the illogical?

And of rational; for who hath
given such ration?

And of sight if blind
to the invisible?

Thus of love if defined
unto the physical?

For you are more
than stars…

You are everything
and no thing…

And if you look

You will feel
the sky breathe…

As you




may the
violet flame
 of our heart
ever shine
just as the
stars that

As the heavens above
kiss the earth below
may you quench
your souls
in sanctity