A woman investing in her heart, delighting in moderation, sharing her Spirit and the Blessings of IS.
A woman deepening self intimacy and union with the Universe.
A woman letting go of all that was in honor of All that IS.

Love IS, Always…



There were moments where she faltered-
in word, in deed, in dance
stillness that beheld her
in solitary trance.

To glean beyond the surface
to grasp the sacred pull
abating all confinement
on voluntary will.

She bathed within the darkness
communed within it’s fires
unleashed all captive passions
the poisons of desire.

Herein the floodgates opened
thus, she began to swim
descending murky waters
of momentary din.

The gateways O’ so narrow
the passage O’ so deep
the unders of renewal
awakened from thy sleep.

‘Twas here wherein she hollowed
’twas here wherein she bled
removing veils of sunshine
crowned flowers from her head.

With plates of thorns to feed her
stone goblets full of mire
a banquet of reflection
her dissonance inspired.

Submerged within the caverns
of wounds she dared not touch
singed away the dressing
the gold leaf of her crutch.

Purged and cleansed of artifice
melted sheaths of wax
pruned the iron feathers
restraining her from task.

Naked in her beauty
free of weighted wing
suffused in union rising
thy heartened blessings sing…

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